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We pride ourselves on our world-class HR service. By offering agile and on-demand HR functions to our clients, we can meet their needs and assist their growth and development in a way that is cost-effective, stress-free and integrated into their organisation.

Our team is ready to assist with your HR needs. If you’re not sure where to start, we offer a complimentary consultation where we will discuss your HR needs. Our focus will be understanding not only your goals and objectives but identifying gaps and opportunities within your organisation. After we’ve had our consultation we will provide you with our suggested scope of work, as well as a proposal, quote and roadmap depending on your needs.

We offer a range of HR services, from our Health Checks all the way through to HR Administration. Our consulting services help guide you along your HR journey - completely tailored advice based on your organisation and goals. We are also able to assist and support the employee lifecycle - end to end. This includes all aspects of recruitment through onboarding and exiting the business. 

HR Health Audit

Our HR Health Audit is undertaken to allow businesses the chance to evaluate their policies, practices, procedures, strategies, methods and programs. Business leaders need to take an objective look at these to understand their strengths and best practices as well as identify key areas for improvement.

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HR Consulting

DreamStoneHR has thrown out the typical HR model and truly believes HR can be designed and delivered in an agile way, delivering businesses all the benefits of great HR without the overheads.

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HR Administration

We can take the worry out of your transactional needs with the management of your HR Administration. We will manage the ‘paperwork’ side of your employee lifecycle to ensure compliance and ease for the business leader. Have peace of mind that everything is in order and in expert hands.

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