Sandra Bevan

Business Coordinator 

After a thriving career in Sales, Sandra has joined DreamStoneHR as our Business Coordinator. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, Sandra manages the Recruitment for our clients as well as providing administrative and transnational HR support to the DreamStoneHR team and our clients. 

Day to day HR administration is a critical component in HR and Sandra is well versed in all things administration to support this.

From Employment Contract support to recruitment screening, Sandra is dedicated and at the ready.


Sandra started her career as a hairdresser of all things! Over the years she has worked in sales, merchandising, finance and administration. With her strong client focus, she naturally fit into the HR function. Her objective is always to support clients and the customer experience is the cornerstone of her service.

A Day In The Life

Sandra’s day to day role incorporates many elements of HR. First and foremost, she will spend time understanding the client’s needs. She assists with managing client recruitment needs, understanding and identifying workforce gaps and how to best address these needs. She also assists with day to day administration and supports HR Projects, for example, Award compliance reviews.

What do you love about DreamStoneHR?

“I love that I have the opportunity to show value to businesses and know that what I am doing is impacting their business positively.”

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