Complimentary Resources

Giving a Presentation

New Hire Onboarding Program

This download has a combination of plans, checklists and templates for you to build your own onboarding program.

Workplace Culture Toolbox

Download our Workplace Culture toolkit to asses your workplace culture, understand the importance of workplace culture and implement improvements.

DIY HR Health Check

DIY checklist to assist in identifying if your HR practices comply with legislative requirements

Recruitment Tool Kit

Use our templates and guides to find and hire the right people, first time

Entitlement to Work

A guide on the entitlement to work within Australia and your obligations as an employer

Casual Employee Checklist

This checklist can be used to determine whether a casual employee is likely to be considered a permanent employee

National Employment Standards

The National Employment Standards (NES) are the 10 minimum standards of employment in Australia

COVID-19 Comeback Kit

Be COVID -19 Safe and support your business as you transition back to the workplace.

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We are delighted to offer you a free discovery consultation to discuss your HR and people needs and discover how DreamStoneHR can help you with any  concerns and understand best practice. 

This consultation is usually 30 minutes and come with no obligations. 

We look forward to meeting you and learning about you and or your business.

Please note: These sessions are not designed to provide HR advice, but rather, to help you understand how we can work together to help you drive business growth and performance through your people. 

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