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Melanie Bale

Senior HR Consultant

Melanie is a passionate HR consultant, known for her strengths in engagement, creation and innovation.

With over 16 years of experience in senior management HR roles, Melanie is experienced in all aspects of strategic and operational HR management. Her experience includes strategic leadership of:

  • cultural change, workplace culture and wellbeing strategies and projects

  • workforce development and performance management strategies

  • IR/ ER matters, including Enterprise Agreements, workplace investigations, unfair dismissal claims, workplace grievances and policy development

  • diversity, inclusion and engagement strategies

Along with a Masters in HR Management, Melanie is a qualified Trainer and Assessor and has a background in developing and running training sessions, facilitating organisational planning days and leading workplace culture projects.

Melanie is passionate about people and performance and will work with you to develop and deliver solutions aligned with your company’s strategy, vision and values.


Melanie’s first degree after High School was a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Youth Work. She knew she wanted to work with people, and wanted a career that gave her a sense of value. After completing her degree she worked as a youth worker at Mt Druitt and then moved into the Youth Development space. The focus here was more on developing opportunities and resources for young people. She was involved in the establishment of the Guildford Youth Project and the Granville Youth and Community centre, as well as running large scale projects and events such as music festivals and art competitions. After some time, she expanded into Community Development and Management which allowed her to apply her skills to a more diverse group of communities.

During this time she was also teaching casually at TAFE to support students studying community services and welfare courses. She also completed her Cert IV in Training and Assessment followed by a Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training.

Whilst working at TAFE she was approached by a company to help out with some management and planning issues and in doing so, identified significant issues with their HR Processes. This was the beginning of her HR career. As she got involved with the HR work, she quickly realised that this was an area of interest for her, so she undertook her Masters in HR Management and also took up employment as the HR Manager for a group of companies in the Building and Construction Industry.

In this role, she was managing the HR functions across the group and was in charge of gaining and maintaining the management systems for Quality, WHS and Environment. After 6 years in that role, she felt a need to expand her opportunities further and moved into a Head of People, Culture and Performance role in the Not For Profit industry. In this role, she was able to bring together her youth and community work experience and HR experience. 

After 10 years in this role, she decided to start her own business where she provides advice and support in a variety of industries.

Ideal Clients

Melanie loves working with clients who are focused on their people and know that a healthy and happy workplace culture equals great outcomes. Clients who are open to advice and recommendations, and willing to try new ideas.

She also loves the challenge of working with organisations that are struggling with HR matters or have no HR processes in place. Working with these organisations is very rewarding as the outcomes and improvements they achieve with HR makes an impact on their overall business.

Her Favourite Part of HR

Melanie loves solving problems. She has a passion for being creative and coming up with projects, ideas and solutions that will help solve a pain point or challenge her clients are faced with. Her skill set leans towards being task-focused, organised, process and policy-driven so once she devises a solution, she can provide an execution plan. She loves that every day is different, and there are constantly new challenges to consider and work through. 

Melanie says “It’s a role where you feel valued, as you are ‘saving’ organisations through risk management, legislative compliance and healthy workplace cultures”.

Career Highlights

  • The leadership of cultural change and engagement projects, with Cultural Survey results demonstrating 80%+ of the staff were proud to tell people where they work and being passionate about the work they do.

  • Development of organisational strategies, including an Aboriginal Employment Strategy focused on the attraction, nurturing and retention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff resulting in the Organisation exceeding industry benchmarks, and sustaining a 6% participation rate.

  • Strategic leadership of IR/ER matters, including successful negotiations with Unions and employees on two Enterprise Agreements and leadership of ‘high risk’ operational matters such as workplace investigations, unfair dismissal claims and workplace grievances.

  • The leadership of workplace culture and wellbeing strategies, including the delivery of an organisation-wide, LGBTI inclusion program, as part of the Diversity and Inclusion Framework.

  • Strategic leadership of the Workforce Development Strategy, including the delivery of an Emerging Leaders Program, Manager’s Development Program and Career Pathways Program.

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