Melanie Bale

Senior HR Consultant

Melanie is a passionate HR consultant, known for her strengths in engagement, creation and innovation.

With over 16 years of experience in senior management HR roles, Melanie is experienced in all aspects of strategic and operational HR management. Her experience includes strategic leadership of:

cultural change, workplace culture and wellbeing strategies and projects
workforce development and performance management strategies
IR/ ER matters, including Enterprise Agreements, workplace investigations, unfair dismissal claims, workplace grievances and policy development
diversity, inclusion and engagement strategies

Along with a Masters in HR Management, Melanie is a qualified Trainer and Assessor and has a background in developing and running training sessions, facilitating organisational planning days and leading workplace culture projects.

Melanie is passionate about people and performance and will work with you to develop and deliver solutions aligned with your company’s strategy, vision and values.

(02) 8320 9320

Melanie Bale