Kylie Thomas

Managing Director

Kylie has 20 years of experience across the full genre of Human Resources. Starting in an entry-level HR role, Kylie found her calling and quickly progressed her career taking on leadership roles that allowed her to partner with business owners and leaders to influence true change.

Having worked across the Asia Pacific in various corporate roles for the majority of her career, Kylie decided after starting her family to focus on building DreamStoneHR and supporting small to medium size businesses. 

With a passion for driving business success through people and a refreshing approach to people strategy, Kylie is a great leader to support businesses as they discover how their greatest asset can truly drive performance.


After finishing school, Kylie moved into a full-time role as a youth worker for a small residential care facility. As the business grew, they needed someone to look after the introduction of policies, monitor the safety of staff and ensure the staff were being looked after. It was a high demand role and Kylie naturally took ownership of these responsibilities due to her affinity for systems and policies but also for supporting people.

In this informal HR role, Kylie had taken an active duty in making sure the company was aligned and compliant with their HR Requirements. She was eventually promoted to an official HR role and enrolled in an HR management course. As soon as she moved into this role she knew she had found her calling. It was her happy place.

From this role, she moved into an HR position working with the Australian Submarine Corporation which allowed her to learn from senior HR executives and business leaders. Having this exposure and mentorship opened up Kylie’s appreciation for the immense value that HR can provide to a business.

From there she was able to get experience in the different elements of the employee lifecycle and decided she would be an HR Generalist - someone who works across all aspects of an employee’s experience and can influence leaders on ways to better develop and engage their team members.

Her Favourite Part of HR

Kylie loves working with leaders to get the most from their people which in turn impacts their bottom line. This is by far the most rewarding part of her job. Kylie has done this in all her roles in some way, shape or form, and through DreamStoneHR she can reach more leaders, and make a bigger impact.

How does she do this? A big part of this is through education. Leaders must understand how they can truly benefit from HR. It’s a new tool for them to learn how to use and leverage for their success.

Ideal Clients

Kylie’s ideal client is open to a partnership. By being aligned with business leaders, HR can affect more change and deliver better outcomes. Of course, a partnership gets stronger with time and trust and Kylie’s the first to admit this. She knows that by working with open-minded clients she can show them the real value of an effective HR partner.

Career Highlights

Kylie’s career highlights lie in every role she has worked in and her learnings from each. From working across so many industries with many leaders in Australia and across the Asia Pacific, she has grown and expanded her knowledge in HR. Being able to apply these learnings to DreamStoneHR and their clients has been her career dream.

“Being able to reach more and more businesses and leaders today is something I am extremely grateful for and feel privileged to be able to have the opportunity.” - Kylie Thomas

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