HR Health Audit

• Comprehensive
• Legislative Compliance
• Full Report Provided
• Ongoing Support

Our HR Health Audit is undertaken to allow businesses the chance to evaluate their policies, practices, procedures, strategies, methods and programs. Business leaders need to take an objective look at these to understand their strengths and best practices as well as identify key areas for improvement.
HR Health Audits are done to ensure that those practices being performed are serving its intended purpose as well as measuring how effective and efficient the current HR functions are. It is also a way for leaders to monitor their legal and ethical obligations.
Our HR Health Audit is a review of how your organisation approaches the full employment life cycle and legislative compliance. We will also identify opportunities to improve your team’s performance, development and engagement.
Following your health audit, you will be provided with a report with recommendations and priorities to ensure HR compliance and best practice.

Brainstorming Session in the office

of mind

Our Health check will identify any areas you may directly or indirectly be breaching any employment laws.

Insight & Transparency

Provides you with a high-level insight into what you are doing well, any gaps in your current systems and processes and recommendations for action.

Understand best practice

By reviewing your business, we are able to provide you with guidance on best practice relevant to what is important to your business.